Live Through Love: The Book
Live Through Love: The Book
Live Through Love: The Book
Live Through Love: The Book

Live Through Love: The Book

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Ruben spreads empowering messages across walls, canvases, tees, and now, the page.

This stunning hardcover book is a collection of poetry and a journal where you can detail your journey of self-love. It’s an art piece in and of itself—a true collaboration between you and Ruben.

Discover Self-Love

Within the pages of this easy-to-understand book, you’ll discover timeless wisdom in the poetry of Ruben’s words. You’ll not only fall in love with Ruben’s philosophy, but you’ll fall in love with yourself, and that is a life lesson that will last forever.

Write Yourself a Love Letter

There are no rules, especially when it comes to defining your own self-love. When you live through love, that perfect imperfection blooms vibrantly, and you can’t help but genuinely smile when you see your own reflection.

LIVE THROUGH LOVE asks you to take time to reflect. You’ll follow along in the pages of this paperbound self-journey with Ruben’s prompts. You’ll face the questions people tend to avoid and be better for it. Allow this book to spread love by choosing to embrace it. When you choose love, you live through love.


  • HC, 978-1-941677-71-1
  • December 2020
  • Rights: World
  • Immaginare Press
  • Format Hardcover 
  • 6" x 8.5", 128 pages