It all started with one word: LOVE


Ruben Rojas has turned walls into unique empowering messages. Allow this Los Angeles born artist and muralist to inspire you with his book LIVE THROUGH LOVE.

LIVE THROUGH LOVE asks you to take time to reflect. You’ll follow along in the pages of this paperbound self-journey with Ruben’s prompts. You’ll face the questions people tend to avoid and be better for it. Allow this book to spread love by choosing to embrace it. When you choose love, you live through love.

What's Inside?

My new hardcover book is a collection of poetry I've been writing over the years along with a journal section for you to detail your journey of self-love.

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Write yourself a love letter

The first 100 to pre-order my Live Through Love book will get a copy signed by me.

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Looking for a daily reminder to Live Through Love?

Bundle my new book with a polished acrylic love block with your poem of choice for $50.

"Beautiful" Love Block

Ruben’s poetry is put on display with vibrant back mounted photographic prints. These high polished acrylic love blocks can fill any space with love from your work environment to the comfort of home.

"Best Days" Love Block

You’ve experienced Ruben Rojas murals; you’ve seen how he lives through love. Embrace your self-love with Ruben’s solid acrylic display block. These blocks are a display stand that reminds and reaffirms that you belong here.