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Have you ever wondered how some people seem to switch gears between love and fear easier than others? What was once perhaps an innate skill is now a trainable skill thanks to advances in neurofeedback technology. Guest Paola Telfer, CEO and founder of, unfolds her inspiring journey of overcoming adversity, battling PTSD, and the role neurofeedback played in her healing process, which eventually led to the creation of an incredible at-home tool anyone can use to boost brain health.

Paola joins Ruben to delve into the power of training the brain for love, emphasizing not just physical fitness but also mental well-being. Paola shares insightful strategies for shifting mental states and enhancing mindfulness, from simple breathing practices to leveraging modeling techniques.

We also explore ways to optimize brain health and performance, discussing different approaches from music to biohacking. Paola underlines the significance of understanding our emotional blocks and how to tap into the frequency of love. By the end of this conversation you will have gained profound insights and a deeper understanding of training your brain for love, enhancing mental health, and overall well-being.

How does Paola live through love? “Love is a profound, persistent feeling of affection.” 

"Before we can be good in a relationship, we need to be in a good relationship with ourselves, with our emotions." - Paola Telfer


In this episode, you will learn…

  • Training the Brain for Emotional Intimacy
  • Exploring Controllers and Responding With Love
  • Shifting Mental States and Finding Presence
  • Optimizing Brain Health and Performance
  • Healing, Empowerment, and Marriage Challenges
  • Journey of Neurofeedback and Growth Together
  • Signature Cranking and Brain Training Performance
  • Cognitive Decline and Living Through Love

“Love is an expression within myself and it is really just about me being in touch with my full interiority, really understanding what's going on in that moment"- Paola Telfer

About the guest: Paola is an avid explorer of neuroscience, consciousness development and peak states. She is the CEO and Founder of To feel their best and live their best life, people need to train their brain and control their state. provides the technology and training that people need to make it happen, faster. Given AI and the future of work, this is more pressing than ever.

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