Welcome back to part two of the biggest lessons learned on Live Through Love in 2023! In this episode, get ready to learn from inspiring thought leaders such as Mando Fresko, Jason Mayden, Benjamin Hardy, and Sherry Fernandez.

Ruben and guests embark on a deep exploration of their personal journeys, sharing insights on balancing work, family life, and the intentionality of time. One guest even shares the unwavering commitment to winning he experienced working with greats such as Jordan and Jeter, parts also focus on the nature of ownership, kindness, the rise of suicide rates, and the significance of setting boundaries. This episode will leave you in deep appreciation and gratitude for the power of love and how it can transcend obstacles, excuses, and anything life throws your way. Tune in, and carry these lessons with you into 2024!

In this episode, you will learn…

  • Love and passion can transform personal journeys and provide a healthier balance between work, family, and time management.
  • Mental health and setting boundaries is crucial in a world where presence can often mean absence.
  • Achieving impossible goals requires hopeful action, a future-oriented mindset, and a detachment from specific outcomes.
  • Embracing psychological flexibility, self-awareness, and open-mindedness can enhance personal growth and strengthen relationships.
  • Reflecting on past regrets and experiences can guide us towards a purposeful, regret-free life.

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