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Embark on an intimate voyage with Karena Dawn, a beacon of resilience, shedding light on how adopting a fitness regime and creating the Tone It Up community have become cornerstones of her mental health advocacy. She navigates the complexities of love and loss, caregiving, and the transformative journey of choosing self-love over fear. This is an uplifting and raw reflection on personal growth, and it's sure to resonate deeply with anyone seeking solace and strength amid life's storms.

“I was ashamed of my past in the beginning and didn't talk about it. I was silenced for too long.” - Karena Dawn

Karena joins Ruben in a conversation about both challenge and triumph. Whether you're navigating the nuances of marriage, the pangs of caregiving, or the pursuit of a genuine connection to others, this conversation promises a heartfelt exploration of what it means to live authentically.

Mental well-being is a journey, not a destination, and this episode serves as your compass, pointing you towards the resources and techniques that can steady you in tumultuous times. Tune in and find solace in the shared experiences that unite us in our quest for peace and happiness.

How does Karena live through love? "Being a good person, loving yourself first and then being able to love someone else. The more that we can have that loving energy, we can heal this world.”

In this episode, you will learn…

  • Confronting addiction and mental health struggles opens the door to self-discovery and empowerment through community support and personal wellness practices
  • Embracing vulnerability and sharing personal challenges can foster genuine connections and encourage others to seek help and advocate for mental health
  • Personal decisions, such as choosing not to have children, require authenticity and strength, especially when navigating societal expectations and public scrutiny
  • Accessible mental health resources and practical coping techniques like breathing exercises and body scans are essential for managing anxiety and staying grounded
  • Recognizing early signs of mental distress in young people and normalizing discussions about mental health can help prevent isolation and provide timely support.

Choosing to live in fear can sometimes feel easier. But choosing love for yourself so that you can give love to other people is one of the hardest things.” - Karena Dawn

About the guest: Karena Dawn is a mental health advocate, podcast host, wellness entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, wife, daughter, and co-founder of the Tone It Up online fitness community and brand as well as the founder of The Big Silence mental health foundation.

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