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Lihi Benisty sits down with Ruben to talk about the relationship between love, mindfulness and being human, sharing five key takeaways you can use to move through pain and find peace and alignment.

She speaks on how she empowers people to use their breath as medicine and reframe misconceptions about emotions and what it means to be human. She talks about breathwork as a tool for managing anxiety, depression, grief, heartbreak, and so much more.

“Breath is the common language that goes beyond borders and language and everything. Along with breath is music and along with music is love. Those are the three languages in which we can all understand.” – Lihi Benisty.

What is a mindfulness practice? Lihi believes mindfulness is deep embodiment, connection with the Self, presence, and surrender to what is. How does mediation fit into everyday life? Lihi describes how meditation and movement can fit into your daily life and how the Open app can make that more accessible and convenient for you.

Then, she talks about what led her down the path of mindfulness and teaching, touching on how mindfulness enables you to become an interpreter between the heart, mind, and body. She shares her thoughts on the root of human happiness and how we can genuinely spread love worldwide through one thing… presence.

“We’re humans; we’re doers… I like to reimagine a world in which success is not measured by how much we do but actually how deeply we are… How can we create that humanness of connection? It’s just creating space to be.” – Lihi Benisty

Lihi Benisty is a first-generation American teacher and student of yoga, breathwork, and meditation on the Open app.

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About the Guest: Lihi Benisty is a student and teacher of yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness on Open, an online community created to make breathwork, meditation, yoga, and pilates more accessible.

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