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Join in our special 100th episode as we unlock the secrets to harnessing our inner power with the inspirational Jesse Israel, founder of The Big Quiet. Together, we unravel how love serves as a catalyst for tapping into our untapped potential and how we can all channel our energy to contribute our greatest gifts to the world. Jesse brings a wealth of experience and insight into cultivating a culture of love, sharing practical tools and practices that enable us to turn up our inner wattage and step into our most authentic selves.

Jesse joins Ruben to tackle the complexities of authenticity, both in the personal journey and in the delicate art of parenting. The conversation explores the importance of peeling back the layers we accumulate over time to rediscover the purity we are born with. We also delve into the power of modeling self-love and respect for our children, demonstrating the profound influence parents have on their child's development and the value of maintaining their innate curiosity and innocence.

Finally, this episode takes you on a transformative journey through personal energy, emotional resilience, and the challenges of modern connectivity. We reflect on the importance of creating space for morning mindfulness, away from the digital world, and how systems and discipline can coexist with instinct to foster growth and self-leadership. So, whether you're seeking to reignite your childhood passions or simply aiming for a more mindful start to your day, tune in for a conversation that's sure to inspire and empower.

How does Jesse live through love? “A life of love is a life of really living in the embodiment of who we are and who we're on this earth to be, and living that not just because it feels good, not just because it is our purpose and who we are, but because living who we are, living a life of love, is the greatest service to the world.”

“Every human being on this planet has an enormous reservoir of power within themselves, but I would say that most of us are accessing just a tiny fraction of that available inner power source." - Jesse Israel

In this episode, you will learn…

  • Embrace love and inner power to reveal and amplify your true self and unique gifts
  • Parenting with self-love and respect fosters children's authenticity and curiosity
  • Revisiting past experiences can help understand and harness personal power and energy
  • Starting mornings without technology can enhance mood, creativity, and problem-solving
  • Balancing instinct with discipline and systems aids in personal integrity and leadership

We need to make room for the pain, you know. We need to make room for the dark to access the light.” - Jesse Israel

About the guest: Jesse Israel is a social entrepreneur, meditation leader and former record label executive known for founding the mass meditation movement The Big Quiet. He has signed multi-platinum bands like MGMT, led some of the largest meditations in the world, given keynotes at Fortune 100s and teach meditation to global leaders. He has run corporate meditation sessions for companies like Adidas, Google and Ford, and have spoken at places like Madison Square Garden, Coca Cola HQ and Parsons School of Design.

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