How to Live and Love Electrically and What Happens When We Treat Others With Kindness with Elec Simon

Elec Simon is a motivational percussion entertainer, event emcee, ultimate hype man, and former cast member of “Stomp.” Elec is here to talk about the true strength of treating people with love and kindness and the deep secrets he’s been hiding under that electric smile.

Elec speaks about why you need to stop being a follower and start leading with your own ideas, talents, and authenticity. He talks candidly about how he handles the ups and downs of life as an entertainer, how he’s dealing with mental illness, and how he overcame a destructive gambling addiction and thoughts of suicide.

“Love is how you treat people even when you’re having a bad day.” – Elec Simon

Elec believes that love is action more than anything. What are we doing if we say we treat people with kindness and love but don’t show it to one another?  

When we stay focused on sharing our gifts with the world, love will always come back to us.

“Love has no color, love has no destination.” – Elec Simon
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About the Guest: 
Elec Simon is an Emcee/Host, Bucket Drummer, and Percussionist who performed in both the NYC and touring production of “Stomp.” He also tours as a percussionist with the Pieces of a Dream jazz group and performs with the 216 Stix for the Cleveland Cavaliers Entertainment team.

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Written by Ruben Rojas

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