Love 27oz Grace - Foam Roller Water Bottle

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The Ruben Rojas x MOBOT collaboration pairs Ruben’s bold signature love pattern with the foam roller water bottle you know and love.

Ruben uses art to inspire you to ‘Live Through Love.’ His murals can be spotted in over 20 locations across Los Angeles, from Santa Monica to Hollywood. The distinct and colorful affirmations champion community, inclusivity and unity.
The Love 27oz Grace, gives you the ability to roll your entire body with ease and target specific muscles. The smaller diameter is perfect to carry with you as it fits most backpack sleeves and gym equipment. Drink 3-4 bottles per day and you've met your hydration needs.
Featuring the Stainless Steel Lid, perfect for those who prefer to gulp water over sipping – or are looking for an easy-clip option. This lid works well with carabiners, making it a favorite for those feeling adventurous! MOBOT’s original Silent Sip Straw is also included.
And stick on some love, anywhere! Each Love 27oz Grace - Foam Roller Water Bottle comes with a set of eco-stickers #livethroughlove
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